jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

Evolucion Browser, The most complete browser in the market

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Evolucion browser is an app for Windows Phone (wp7.5 / 8) is a web browser  where the main objective is to improve the user experience of WP, as the opinion of many is that the Internet Explorer that brings native the operating system does not satisfy the needs of users. This application is in English and Spanish.


The proposal put for your consideration has 4 tabs fast access to navigate between tabs just slide to the left or right of the text: "eBrowser" or the TextBox (address bar) or the buttons designed for that order:

 According to surveys, and the opinion of the people, 4 tabs are more than enough to surf the Internet using a phone, since most navigates in less than 4 pages at a time on a mobile device. Other browsers offer unlimited use of tabs, thus achieving the application to be slow,  the end user will not use more than 4.

It has the option of full screen browsing, using 100% whole phone screen, to enhance the user experience. To exit full screen just shake the phone or tap the back of the phone hardware.

 It is 100% compatible with HTML5. Also incorporates:

- Option View Source (with number of lines of code)
- Share with: Facebook, Google+, Twitter
- Save images.
- View Cookies (For more advanced users and developers of mobile websites)
- Changing the User Agent, to simulate another browser like Chrome, Mozilla, etc.
- Supports landscape and portrait orientation
- Quick access to navigation history, Save to Favorites, View Favorite and Share.

- Smart Address Bar, if you enter a text the browser will search in the internet search engine that you have set in the settings, Google, Bing or Yahoo

The languages ​​are now available:

 - English
- Spanish

See Application in the market